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Importance of Free Play for Pre-Schoolers
Ms. Heena | 19th November, 2015

Play is the cherished part of childhood that allows children to develop various skills and also gives the parents opportunity to engage with their children. Spending time together gives the child lot of different ways to learn. Free play can be the happiest part of their day.

Effective Stress Management Session
Pooja Sakpal | 5 November, 2015

Stress and strain plague life today. The world over people succumbs to life's trials and tribulations. Worry and anxiety infest people's thoughts. Stress-related disease is reaching epidemic proportions, exacting a heavy toll on human life.

Coping the Ups and Downs in Life
by Ms. Shamola Wahengbam | 4 November, 2015

We, as adults, sometimes look back on our childhood as a time when we were always happy, but life’s ups and downs are a part of childhood too. To be able to enjoy both good times and deal with hard times is an important lesson every child must learn.

Article on Self – Esteem
by Ms. Sujata Amin - Grade 1 Eins | 3 November, 2015

Self-esteem is a very important ingredient for a happy life. If a person lacks self-esteem, then obstacle is created in every area of life.

Self-esteem is about liking yourself and who you are. For Children, it comes from knowing that you’re loved and that you belong to a family that values you.