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Precautions For Safe Use Of Internet and Computers in Schools
22 March 2018

Information technology/ internet is an immensely valuable learning resource. However, if kids utilize the internet and computers without safety awareness, they may tend to fall prey to illegal activity or abuse such as cyberbullying, fraud or something even more serious. Hence, awareness of internet and technology safety norms is totally crucial to make kids able to explore knowledge without feeling intimidated.

Moreover, with the recent Blue Whale challenge which is believed to be a suicide game, it becomes vital to teach students about protecting their safety and privacy online and about cyberbullying.

Schools are prime elements of education. So whether it’s a top CBSE school in Mira Bhayandar or the best school in Mumbai, all schools are advised to take the following measures to prevent any inappropriate and illegal activity through IT-enabled devices:

  • Configure end-user computer devices with parental control filters/antivirus of any appropriate standard.
  • Install effective firewalls, filtering and monitoring software mechanisms in all the computers and regularly review filtering and blocking policies and procedures
  • Block various types of unsolicited contents available on the internet.
  • Deploy digital surveillance system in computer rooms.
  • Take strict disciplinary action against those who attempt to bypass filtering or to access inappropriate or illegal material.
  • Sensitise the parents as well about internet and technology safety norms.
  • Use only licensed versions of software.
  • Draft a school policy on the safe use of electronic devices and implement it accordingly.
  • Educate students on the safe and effective use of computer and internet.
  • Make children explicitly aware of the rule for the acceptable use of computer and internet and display rules in this regard prominently.

RBK global school in Bhayandar is committed to provide the best security for students and staff. The school takes all the steps they can to keep their educational systems, students, and data secure and safe from harm. They create awareness and encourage students to apply good practices and attitudes towards every aspect of life – be it technology-driven learning or basic life safety measures.

RBKGS is one of the best schools in Dahisar and Mira-Bhayandar. It aims to offer a rich and enjoyable educational experience for all learners. With a sound structured curriculum and an experiential and inquiry approach to learning, they help students to grow as confident, articulate learners who are knowledgeable as well as caring internationally minded individuals.