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Picnic to Happy Planet By Grade -1 Learners
12 October, 2015

Date: 3rd September,2015
Class: Grade- 1
Time: 8.00am -5.00pm
Venue: Happy Planet
Flow of the assembly: Total participation: 185 learners

It was Thursday, 3rd September, 2015, the learners of grade-1 reached school at 8am in the morning. They had assembled in the ground floor, where they had done their morning prayer. With the blessings of almighty and all the elders they started for their trip towards Happy Planet.

The learners were accompanied by their home room teachers, few housekeeping staffs, one P.E faculty and our coordinator ma’am, Mrs. Lakshmi.

On our way the adventure team had provided everyone with snacks and water. By 10am we reached the Happy Planet. The learners were escorted to different play zones, where they enjoyed different rides. By 1pm everybody were called for lunch. Learners had Pav bhaji, Noodles and Appy. Everyone enjoyed.

After lunch the learners went for DJ. It was time to say good- bye to Happy Planet. By 3pm everybody got ready for going back to school. They boarded the bus and left for school. Evening snacks were provided in the bus . It was a wonderful trip.