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Although RBKGS has its own designated and professional physical education staff, it is also associated with a sports education company - Imperial international Sports Academy (IISA). This group offers an all school level program known as PEAK.

PEAK-Physical Education for All Kids structured Curriculum:

  • The curriculum includes several sports and each curriculum is designed by internationally acclaimed experts who are stationed in India.
  • Is based on progressive, age appropriate exercise programmes which use age appropriate equipment.
  • Includes a bi-annual total fitness report card (The Health O' Meter) which is designed by Pediatricians and Sports Scientist to accurately evaluate all the aspects that can potentially affect the growth of a child. This report card also assesses the various sports skills of a child.
  • In addition, the curriculum follows the NASPE standards which satisfies all the requirements of various school boards in India such as ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE, IB (Satisfies PYP, MYP) etc.