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Performing & Visual Arts

Art and Craft

Arts and crafts activities are fun for children. We are conscious of the importance of Art and Craft as a key element in the provision of a balanced education for our children. Paintings, making patterns, prints, models and collages as well as sculpture and textiles all provide children opportunities to enjoy, celebrate, create, analyse, and record their sensory experience.

The children are also given the opportunity to respond to a variety of art, craft and design forms. Our school patio and corridors are used to display the children’s work.

Trinity (Speech and Drama)

RBK Global School encourages its students to be competent in every field and aspect of life. Students are given the opportunity of getting their language proficiency tested by Trinity College, London. This programme helps students to speak with confidence and conviction and to hone listening skills as well. It increases vocabulary in terms of coverage, accuracy and appropriateness: it aids in expressing ideas, thoughts, and opinions with clarity and promptness.