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ECCE Teaching Aid Exhibition 2018-19
Holi Celebration

Cultivating the essence of love, bonding and togetherness through the celebration of Holi. With songs, dances, stories and drama, the practitioners of RBK ECCE celebrated the festival of colours with great enthusiasm.

Puppet Show

Children can discover the joy of literature and learning by using the wonderful technique of Puppet .Puppets are used to stimulate imagination and encourage creative play . At RBK ECCE, the practitioners understand the importance of Puppetry and mastered the art by organising and skillfully performing in the Puppet show .

Mental Wellness

"To be Healthy as a whole, Mental Wellness plays a very big role"

RBKEI- ECCE practitioners were made aware of the prevalence of mental ill-health. Our Faculty Ms Pooja (Psychologist and Counselor of RBKIS) made them understand the consequences of mental health on self,work/study,relationships and physical health. The session provided activities oriented towards helping the practitioners with interpersonal skills which will help them to connect with their students empathetically.

Declamation Competition - 10th October 2017

To enrich the potential of public speaking in the RBKEI ECCE practitioners, Declamation competition was conducted on 10th October,2017.They tried to display command over the delivery and the presentation. The purpose of the competition was to develop the art of public speaking, promote confidence and sense of responsibility .

Diwali Celebration (2017- 2018)

With zeal and enthusiasm, the RBKEI-ECCE Practitioners participated in Diwali celebration. They decorated the corridor with rangoli using organic colours , made lantern and toran out of the waste resources. They also shared how the parents can productively enhance different skills in their child during the festive season.

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration - September 2017

RBK ECCE practitioners paid homage to the great leader by expressing how we can inculcate his values and simple living in our life.

Dassera Celebration - 29th September 2017

RBK ECCE practitioners celebrated Dassera by dancing to the rhythm of Garba and participated enthusiastically in thali decoration competition.

Food Fiesta (2017-18)

The relationship between nutrition, health and learning is undeniably strong.
Early educators, in particular, play a very important role in helping to shape children’s initial food understanding .Hence, RBK- ECCE emphasis a lot on Food,Health, and Nutrition .Keeping in mind the taste of the present generation,the ECCE practitioners collaborated with the 9th Grade students of RBKIS and RBKGS and organized "FOOD FIESTA " and presented healthy , nutritious and latest Indian and International recipes which were in line with curriculum demands and outlined the knowledge and skills required to teach food and nutrition.
They successfully worked together to, in turn, educate children and then motivate them in their endeavours to make healthier choices.

World Literacy day

"Literacy is a foundation to build a more sustainable future for all. "
RBK- ECCE celebrated and honoured International Literacy Day 2017 wherein efforts and progress have been made to increase literacy rates around the world. They also brought forth the current challenges and looked for innovative solutions to further boost literacy in the future and promote literacy as an instrument to empower individuals, communities and societies.

Hindi Divas

Hindi humari Aan,Bhaan aur Shaan hai. Hindi Bhasha ki madhur swar ko phelathe huye ,ECCE ke Chatraye garv aur shaano shaukat ke saath HINDI DIVAS ko manaya .

Field Trip

It is always said "Nature is the best teacher". RBK -ECCE practitioners getting educated through a field trip the importance of Nature and experiential learning for the development of early learners.

Independence Day Celebration - 15th August, 2017.

Dramatization - an integral part in early chid education

Art and craft

Art and craft is an important part of playful and creative learning for early learners. Practitioners being trained by the expert faculty.

Raksha bandhan Competition

RBKEI-ECCE Practitioners participating in Raksha bandhan competition and sharing the endearing ways to celebrate the bond between siblings.

Book Lovers Day

Reading and listening to stories helps the early learners to develop language, listening skills, stimulate their imagination and expands their understanding. RBKEI-ECCE Practitioners celebrating the Book Lovers day to inculcate the same love in the young learners

ECCE Practitioners

ECCE practitioners Exploring the Importance of Display Boards

Learning the art of script writing

Learning the Art of Script Writing

Investiture ceremony 2017-2018

RBK Ecce believes in Creating Leaders - In taking ownership

Gurupurnima Celebration

Canvassing and voting for Student Council

Gurupurnima Celebration

The Ecce practitioners organised a special assembly to pay their respects to the guru shishya relationship.

Graduation day in ECCE program of RBK Global School - 29 April 2017

Graduation day in ECCE program of RBK Global School

Exhibition 'Knowledge Squash' - 17 March 2017

Exhibition 'Knowledge Squash'

Puppet Show

The practice teaching sessions by the practitioners.

Makar Sankrati Celebration
Panel Discussion - 04th February 2017
Teacher's day celebration - 03rd, Aug 2016.
Academic Competitions - 19th November 2016.

“Academic Competitions” were competed by ECCE practitioners on Saturday 19.11.2016.

1. DECLAMATION COMPETITION: “ One stage and many personalities” With this competition , ECCE practitioners’ reminded us about the world’s most famous personalities and their spoken golden words. It was indeed conversant.

News Reading Competition - 19th November 2016.
Declamation 19th November 2016.
Sell - well competition - 19th November 2016.
Debate Competition - 19th November 2016.
Sand and water activity at Valenakni beach - 27th August 2016
Adventure trip to Monterio Ressort- 17th August 2016
Independence day celebration - 15th August 2016
Orientation and introduction (First day of ECCE class)- 2nd July 2016
Convocation Ceremony - 28th May, 2016.

" God wants us to know that life is aseries of beginnings, not endings. Just as graduations are not terminations, but commencements." Bernie Siegel “28th May, 2016", the day that has witnessed the joy of accomplishment of ECCE Batch 2015 – 16. It was a journey that they started as "PRACTITIONERS" and ended as "TEACHERS".

Physical Education Training - Yoga Session
Innovative Method of Teaching
Role Play Competition
Nutrition Workshop
Teaching Aids & Methods Workshop
Diwali Celebration
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
Janmashtami Celebration
Navratri Celebration
IT Workshop
Field Trip to Gorai Beach: Sand & Water Activity
Council Members Election Campaign
Yellow Day
Independence Day Celebration