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About RBKGS Bhayandar

On behalf of our school community, a warm welcome to our school website. If you are in Mira-Bhayandar, Thane, we would also like to welcome you to contact us for a personal tour of our school and experience first-hand the enthusiasm and involvement of our students and the dedication of our teaching team.

School days are some of the most important days in one's life shaping the sort of people we are and providing the backdrop for lifelong learning. We aim to offer a rich, enjoyable and lasting educational experience for our learners.

With an emphasis on providing a sound structured curriculum and an experiential and inquiry approach to learning, our students will grow to be confident, articulate learners who are knowledgeable as well as caring internationally minded individuals.

Our school is located in pleasant and spacious surroundings. Within a small personalized school ethos, we offer students, individual attention in a multicultural setting.

We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Shitala Prabhu


Our vision is to create leaders of tomorrow with intuitive capabilities and an appreciation for learning as the core value of success. We envision that our Learners evolve into Lifelong learners with a Sense of Conviction and Commitment.


To ignite the ever inquiring young minds through educreative experiences and ensure that we nurture compassionate learners. We aspire to create an educational environment which produces self motivated learners and responsible future citizens.