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Rupal Kanakia and Her Vision as an Educator and Leader

Rupal Kanakia is the chairperson for "Babubhai Kanakia Foundation Trust" which is widely recognized by the Maharashtra State’s Charity Commissioner. The trust as established with the aim of supplying monetary aid and assistance to educational institutions such as colleges, schools and institutions who hold bright and talented individuals capable of running educational institutions in the future.

Rupal Kanakia is truly passionate about spreading education and has a very ambitious dream of providing access to literacy and education in each and every corner across the country of India. It is her wish to give power to the young people and women irrespective of which caste or creed they come from so that they can see a world of opportunities for themselves in the present and future as well. It will also enable them to be a participant in the globalized new world.

Rupal, born in the year 1966, is known by her close peers and family for her thirst for knowledge and learning which co-incidentally took birth the dame day she was born. She then continued on to believe that education was the answers to most of societal problems and was deeply passionate and dedicated to the cause. Education wise, Rupal completed her B.A in Child Psychology equipping her to establish an environment that her students completely love. She regularly attends educational seminars, programs, orientations and of the likes. When she is not pursuing her dream, she likes to enjoy art, music and travel and the company of her family members in her free time. She is one of the most successful enterprising educational pioneers in India by successfully running several institutions across the nation in several fields.

Rupal says that she has a firm belief that the future of India is honed in the classrooms.

Some prominent Workshops / Seminars Rupal Kanakia has attended include:

  • Pre-IB Training Program in Chicago, in June 2007
  • 3-day, IBDP Regional Workshop in Singapore, in Oct. 2007 (as DP Coordinator)
  • 4-day, IB Asia Regional Conference, Singapore, in Oct. 2007
  • PYP Regional Workshop, Delhi, in Feb. 2008

As the only force in the forefront of the institutions mentioned in the above paragraph, Rupal Kanakia keeps her curiosity alive in all of their activities. She works in close proximity with the core departments like Marketing, Finance, Accounts, EDP, Legal, etc. Rupal is a strong people-person and has always made efforts to take special measures in motivating her staff. This includes timely appreciation of accomplishments and efforts, even if it is just the proverbial expat-on-the-back. Rupal is a very charitable towards employees who are facing difficult times. She is not only expertly attentive to employees’ professional growth, but also calls them her friends and is always glad to lend listen to each one of them.