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Shape Of The Day

"Lessons Last till Exams
Learning Lasts Forever"

Pre-Primary (Age 2-5 years)

Every day is a unique day for our young learners; the daily programme is carefully tailored to balance periods of structured learning with creative activities. Ring time, free play, snack time, music, stories and a generous amount of outdoor play also make up the daily routine. Our goal is to arouse curiosity in the child by creating a joy of learning.

As the day progresses facilitators give greater impetus to child centered, child directed activities as opposed to teacher directed activity. We do so by incorporating teaching aids like story books, picture books, films, worksheets, activity sheets, puppets, slides and other audio visual presentations.

These form a part of the process of learning. Towards the end of their day with us learners enjoy co- curricular activities which usually involve singing songs, action rhymes, movement to music, and dramatization of stories. Alternatively developmental games, which develop the larger muscles and improve coordination and balance, are taught using bean bags, balls, hoops, ropes, climbing and balancing apparatus.

Primary (Grade 1 to 5)

This section of the curriculum is the backbone of formal learning for the child. It is during these years that, we at RBK Global motivate a child to be increasingly curious and discover, on an individual basis, necessary information about their world. We support cooperative learning but also encourage learning independently. The day starts with a warm welcome by the facilitators and continues through the general assembly where learners are given a platform to exhibit their confidence in public speaking. Our qualified facilitators provide a sustained approach to basic competency building in academic and co-curricular activities.

As the day advances our learners are challenged and involved in increased experimentation and exploration to answer the 'whys' and 'hows'.

Academic subjects include; Theme, English, Hindi, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Computer Application.

Co-curricular exposures and experiences include Music, Dance, Speech and Drama, Arts and Crafts, Skating, indoor and outdoor sports.

Throughout the day learners are engaged in a blend of challenging and interesting activities.