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RBKGS is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based, student-centered, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning.

The curriculum developed is based on age specific learning outcomes and helps children to explore their world in multiple ways. Learning is child-centric and is made authentic and meaningful through experiences derived from student's interactions with nature, people and day to day things.

Early Childhood Education is the foundation for the lifelong learning experience and starting point for formal education. A child’s development is a gradual process. At RBKGS we understand and respect that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests.

We follow Theme based learning where each theme that runs for a quarter has integrated learning objectives for language, math, motor and social skills development. It will be more transdisciplinary. Our curriculum objectives have been laid out as per the developmental characteristics of each age group.

Our focus is on a practical approach which prepares children to face real life issues and succeed in their future endeavors. We create an ideal environment through which learners become competitive and are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership. Our goal is that they should take on leading roles in their future working environments: directing change, solving problems and developing new knowledge.

From the Curriculum standpoint the school is divided into

Pre-school: Playschool, Nursery, K-1, K-2 (Age 2-5 years)

Elementary school: 1st grade - 5th grade

Middle School: 6th grade - 8th grade

High School: 9th grade - 12th grade