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The RBKGS Difference

At RBK Global School, we provide a learning environment based on simplified and realistic methodologies which promote student's cognitive and social development. RBK Global School prepares its students with an education for a lifetime. We do so by offering a rigorous academic experience focused on a traditional core curriculum - one which challenges students and gives them the foundation to become better thinkers and communicators.

Our focus is to optimize our children's potential. We have a strong belief that every child has a potential to uniquely contribute positively to our ever changing world. We work with our children to improve their ability to think, explore and to apply what they learn. They are constantly challenged to ensure that they have in-depth understanding of what is being taught.

We also complement our academics with extra-curricular activities to ensure our children are well rounded. A rich tradition of athletics teaches students the important lessons of the playing field, team sports and the outdoors.

Our code of honor instills in students the importance of truth and strong character in all aspects of life.