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  • The bus will halt only at the pickup and drop off points, decided by the School authorities. No changes in these points will be considered. The school management reserves the right to change the bus numbers, as may be required.
  • Students not reporting on time at the bus stop will have to make their own arrangements to reach the school on that day.
  • Students should take care of their belongings such as school bag, water bottle, raincoat, umbrella, sweater etc. the bus staff will not be responsible for the loss or damage.
  • Only students in school uniforms will be allowed to board the school bus.
  • Parents will not be allowed to travel by school bus.
  • In case a parent has not paid the bus fee for the next term, a student will not be allowed to board the bus for new term from day one.
  • Bus fee is subject to change if there is change in government policy, or hike in petrol/diesel price.
  • In some cases, bus authorities have the right to change the students from one bus to another bus.
  • Parents are requested not to handover fee amount to drivers, cleaners or student. If they do so School authorities will not be responsible.
  • Student must have an ID-card properly stamped with the appropriate Bus No. or they will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • The students using bus facilities should inform the bus supervisor in case they are not coming by bus on any particular day. The school authorities will not be responsible under these circumstances.
  • Students will be responsible for any deliberate damage the bus. Cost will be recovered from the parent of the concerned students.
  • In cases where parents are not at the stop to receive student returning home, the student will be brought back to school and parent will be required to pick the child there.
  • Any dispute with bus staff should be reported to the Bus Supervisor in writing.
  • Whenever there is a natural calamity, the school management will decide whether the buses should run or not.
  • If for any reason whatsoever, the bus service needs to be terminated, parents are requested to fill in the bus cancellation form available with the bus supervisor.

A)   Fitness Certificate

  • All vehicles owned or managed by the Bus Vendor, such as school bus, van used by children for transportation to and from school/ or on school duty has fitness certificate from the RTO; and all other mandatory documents.
  • All buses, vans conform to the RTO norms such as colour of bus and "ON SCHOOL DUTY" displayed on the front and back of the vehicle;
  • School bus is checked by transport authority every year to ensure safety of the transport vehicle.

B)   Bus Safety Features

  • The school's name, address and telephone number should be prominently displayed on the bus;
  • The school bus is equipped with First-Aid boxes, fire extinguishers;
  • School bus has horizontal window grills;
  • School bus is equipped with CCTV & GPS
  • Driver maintains vehicle in good and safe condition;
  • Buses/vans have emergency exit, specified quality speed governor, where applicable;
  • Driver follows all RTO regulations including the number of children permitted to travel in the vehicle.
  • Emergency exits in good working condition and reliable locking system;
  • There are no obstacles near the exit doors for children to disembark at times of emergency.
  • Doors are closed during any movement of the bus and has reliable locking system;
  • The safety instructions to be displayed inside the bus.